Computer M.O.T

Excellent service, excellent price, peace of mind…

If your computer isn’t running at it’s best, then you most probably need it serviced. A system health check is the best way to ensure your system is running smoothly and is looking good for the future. We will run a series of tests on your system to check that every component is performing as it should, and will report on the performance and any issues that may arise.

Bearing in mind the current High Street pricing climate (PC World/Currys are usually £100!), our standard FULL Computer M.O.T will cost you just £50 and includes the following items:

  • Removal of Corrupted or Redundant Files and unwanted Software
  • Updating of Window’s files with the latest Security Patches & Updates
  • Updating of your Anti Virus Software (where applicable)
  • Optimisation of your PC’s Memory, Hard Disk, Device Drivers and Start Up Time

A system valet is also a great way to ensure the life of your PC components are not compromised by everyday dust and grime. Power supplies, graphics cards, CPU coolers and other computer components attract dust and grime due to the fact that they usually have a fan running which circulates air around them – this combined with high temperatures, simply bakes on the dust. Dusty fans and components can lead to bad cooling, lock-ups, and eventually fan/component failures.

For more information regarding your Computer M.O.T, please get in touch with us.