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Upgrade your system for a better experience…

We specialise in upgrading computers. However, we always have to balance the merits of doing so with the customer. Once we know which components the customer wants to improve, then we discuss the cost and implications of the work.

It is not always cost effective to upgrade if you have to change too many parts – most older computers can still be sold as is, and when you factor in the cost of the parts you intend to buy with the money you get from the sale of the old one you will usually come close to the cost of a new computer/device.

As a rule of thumb we find that the following component upgrades are usually a good investment.

  • CD Writer, DVD, DVD Writer, Blu-Ray Player
  • Additional Memory (especially if your computer has less than 1GB)
  • A Larger Hard Drive
  • A Sound or Graphics Card
  • A Wireless Network Card

For more information regarding upgrades, please get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.